1. python


b.Packaging a python library

c. tls ssl https with python

d.Python 的单元测试之 unittest

e. pycharm的各种设置,配置

f.Building APIs with Django and Django Rest Framework

g. django源码阅读

h. django rest framework official website

i. Flake8: Your Tool For Style Guide Enforcement

j. problem solving with algorithms and data structures

k. django: building rest apis

l. quick guide to python's snack module

m. the twelve factor app

n. pickle--python object serialization

o. sphinx official website

p. sitespeed

q. python documentation using sphinx

r. python tips

s. python super() considered super

2. file systeam


b. 如何在Linux(CentOS)下挂载Windows共享文件夹

c. 鸟哥的 Linux 私房菜

d. using python's watchdog to monitor changes to a directory

3. database

a. Postgres Guide

b. rabbitmq official website

c. cassandra official website

d. elasticsearch official website

e. lucene official website

f. trees in sql

g. storing hierarchical data in a database

h. managing hierarchical data in mysql

i. sqlite


4. kubernetes

a. kubernetes official website

b.High Level Cloud Native From Kevin Hoffman

c. Kubernetes与云原生应用概览

5. other language

a. perl official website

b. face detect gocv

c. curl

d. Master Emacs in 21 Days

e. go 101

6. wiki 

a. devops

b. rsync

c. JSON Web Token

d. multiple inheritance

e. 序列化


a. learn git

8. docker

a. 从 0 开始了解 Docker

9. Java

a. JUnit - 概述

10. permissions

a. OAuth 2 详解

b. Role-based Access Control

11. shell

a. shell的read命令

1. python
2. file systeam
3. database
4. kubernetes
5. other language
6. wiki 
8. docker
9. Java
10. permissions
11. shell
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